Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey You, Stare at the Sun

Random thoughts today.

- Isn't it a great time to be playing Ultimate in Brisbane at the moment? Last night at BUML over at Griffith Nathan, the oval was perfect - flat and green; the air was crisp and cool and perfect for hard running; no wind to disrupt the dodgiest of throws.

- It almost makes up for not being in Europe at the moment, with WUCC2010 starting this weekend. There's no doubt dozens of online information sources to be found, but for now I guess we'll just have to follow updates from Force Sideline.

- Umm, yeah, that's about it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Season of BUML Starts Next Monday!

Crikey! It is that time already! It seems like last season's Grand Final was only the other day. Anyway, here's what's happening.

Division 1 Draw

Four teams have registered for Division 1. They will play 4 three-game round robins plus a 2 week playoff series. The draw for the first three weeks is at http://www.buml.quda.org/div1.html

Monday night 28 June Round 1 sees:
- Wushi Finger Hold vs Heroes on Annerley 3a
- Chimichangs vs Plastic Scourgery on Annerley 3b

Division 1 games start play at 8.25pm and run to 9.35pm, with lights strictly off at 9.40pm.

Division 2 Draw

13 teams have registered for Division 2, making for a tricky draw. Over the first four weeks, teams will play each other in grading games before being split into A and B pools. The grading games draw is available at: http://www.buml.quda.org/div2.html

Monday night 28 June Round 1 sees:
- Mellow Yellow vs Heroes on Annerley 3a
- Dyspnoeics vs Kelvin Grove Cougars on Annerley 3b
- exQUisiTe vs Baby Chimis on Annerley 5
- Bermuda Triangle vs Griffith Go Gos on Griffith 1
- Discheads vs Poppers on Griffith 2
- Agent Orange vs Ghost Who Walks on Griffith 3
- and the Poppers get the bye

All Div 2 games are from 7:00 to 8:10 (regardless of location). We do not gain access to the fields until 6.45pm.

Field 5 at Annerley is open every Monday night from 8:25 to 9:35 for any Div 2 players who want to stick around for pick-up or training. This will be especially useful for the Div 2 team that has a bye each week.

Fees and Registration

Fees are $600 per team. Fees are discounted to $550 if at least one member of the team has a First Aid Certificate. To receive discount send the current first aid certificate to buml@quda.org

Division 1 Registration: http://www.afda.com/rego/showdivision.php?divisionid=1405
Division 2 Registration: http://www.afda.com/rego/showdivision.php?divisionid=1406

Players need to be registered for insurance purposes! If you are injured or you injure someone else and you are not registered then you are "screwed".

Whistle Start and Finish

This season we will have someone at the field to time to games to ensure that they start and end on time. The games will start and finish as stated below:
- one long whistle to start games.
- 2 short whistles at 5 minute warning
- 2 long for “last possession”

Further Information

The Schedule, Results and everything else about the league can be found at http://www.buml.quda.org/. Yahoo groups will be used to notify about field closures, reminders or special events.

The draw will not be sent out on a weekly basis via Yahoo groups as in the past, but will only be on the website.

The Draft - The Teams Revealed, So Lets Tip Them and Name Them!

So here's the teams for The Draft, starting next week.

Why not suggest some names for them? We have! And yes, we've made some silly comments about each team. Expect some proper analysis in the comments.

And how about tipping who's going to win!? (speaking of tipping, Wetnose is soon to announce the winners of the BPL Season 1 Tipping Comp)

Team 1 "Prime Minister Rudd"
Alistair Don (c)
Arrlann Christie
Daniel Henbest
Dave Warren
Isaac Stone
James Morrell
Nandor Locher
Paul Sanguinetti
Stefan Rapazzo
Tim Johnson
Tom Daley

aL has done well on the "loud foreigner" selections. Despite this, should make the Final.

Team 2 "The Polite Ones"
Nathan Litzow (c)
Alex Livingstone
Chris Fox
Gavin Croft
Geoff Spurling
Juan Guerreo
Manual Ramirez
Maylin Chuah
Rob Lowe
Ryan Garrahy
Stuart Austin
Tyson Buhagiar

Look very good on paper. Will make the Final, and our tip to win it.

Team 3 "The Brown Rednuts"
Andy Lankowski (c)
Ben Worby
Brenton Mottershead
Dan Blacklock
Darren Shi
Dustin Czok
Jack Liliwall
Leon McIntyre
Oscar Hernandez
Reece Stewart
Tony Ross

Quite possibly the best looking team in The Draft, if only because all the other teams contain some quite ugly players.

Team 4 "The Egos"
Graham Prickett (c)
Adam Beau
Bevan Rudolph
Doug Crowley
Finn McCarthy-Adams
Matt Eastburn
Mike Nolan Jnr
Nathan Lindsay
Phil Stocks
Stephen Cameron
Trevor Lovering

This is going to be all over the shop. Will beat some team 15-2 one week, then lose 4-12 the following. Anything can happen here folks.

The Draft Process Revealed!

The Draft league teams have been selected ready to kick off down at Annerly July 1st.

For those that might be interested here's a quick run down on the actual draft process, as reported by our man on the spot (or at least, hiding in the pub near aL, Nat, Coops and Special's table).

Calls were put out over the last few weeks through the BPL lists and via word of mouth spread to those looking to try playing at BPL level to register for "the draft". 4 teams with 3 weeks round robin plus a final.

Requests for people to act as captains were sent out and the following four obliging fellahs agreed to help out.(aL, Nat, Coops, Special).

The Four Caps sat down over a quiet pint and a pub meal at the Muddy Farmer last night and got down to business. They also selected the teams.

There was discussion about preselecting certain groups and running specific draft rounds for each of them in order to try and ensure relatively balanced teams. For example players with specific skillsets like established handlers and certain groups that had identified as being absent for specific games; or the juniors who'll all be missing from the final weeks games due to some prior engagement in Europe.

However it was decided that while specific absentees would be clearly indentified they would be included in the general draft. Thus leaving it at the discretion of each captain to ensure they didn't pick a team with four people who'd stated they'd be missing at the one time.

The Four Caps had a quick run through the list to try and get a little better information about some of the newer names to try and level the playing field.

First pick was decided with a series of coin flips. Then the selections ran down with a standard snake order:
etc etc

Our spy was not able to get the draft order in its entirety on account of his needing to get a refill from the bar, but for interests sake he got the the first 8 picks:
1. Dan Henbest
2. Stuart Austin
3. Leon McIntyre
4. Adam Beau
5. Finn McCarthy-Adams
6. Reece Stewart
7. Alex Livingstone
8. Stefan Rappazzo

Clearly, the Captains had been doing a bit of drinking, but I guess we'll see. Anyway, all in all a pretty interesting process for the four of us invovled. Hopefully it'll end up with an interesting comp over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hero of the Day


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are You Ready for The Draft?

aL reports that The Draft is on.

The Draft is a four week Open league, filling the gap between Seasons 1 and 2 of BPL.

Its for regular BPL players to mix it up a bit and play with guys from outside their teams.

Its also for other Ultimate players who want to try stepping up to a new level of Ultimate.

First game will be July 1st - that is next Thursday not this one - and will run for four weeks.

Games will be played at the Annerley Junior Soccer Fields in Greenslopes. As per usual for BPL players.

7:30 start - timecap at 8:50

Games to 15 or add one to the higher score at cap.

Cost will be $25 per player. Payment either by direct debit or in cash after the first rounds games. Direct debit info - Alistair Don bsb 064121 Acc 616651

Registration: http://www.afda.com/rego/showdivision.php?divisionid=1418

Halibut XIV - Checkmate!

Big news from Halibut 2010 Tournament Director Stef!

Hey Everyone,

I am pleased to present you with our first official release for Checkmate Halibut XIV, to be held July 31-Aug 1, at the State Hockey Centre!!

That’s right, this years theme is ‘CHESS’ and it will be this season's premiere mixed tournament leading into Mixed Nationals. For those not going away to Worlds, this is the place to be!! For those going to Worlds, this is the reunion party. Get organised and get registered!!

Prizes, Catering, Parties, Billets, and Players Services are all actively being taken care of by our wonderful TOC!!

There are already 8 teams registered!! We're sure that number will grow as some usual suspects have yet to get their teams up.

Halibut is now Family Friendly!!! Do you have little ones?? Have they prevented you from playing tourneys before?? … well not anymore. For a small charge, registered professionals can care for your children. Please indicate if you might take advantage of this service through email to srappazzo@hotmail. com.

We also have on field DJ’s and product, dynamite catering, theme tying decorations,
and much, much more.

And let’s not forget the party….. CHESS style….. how will your team come dressed?? Medival? In accordance with your team name?? The possibilities are endless.
Party venues to be announced soon.

Other player services will include St. John Amulance on site as well as registered massage and physio therapists.

There will also be a Marquis game on Sat evening, with the likelihood of a post game pool party.

But you’ll have to act soon!!!

With so much to organize, registration deadline is July 10!!! That’s 3 weeks away!!!

Go here to register
Don’t forget to put your waist size...... as our player gift will prove strategically

$80 player fee or $45 for one day.

Captains, please collect team fees, and pay them to the following account.
Gold Coast Ultimate BSB- 034234 A/C - 2567215

See you there!!!


Friday, June 18, 2010

Impressions of a BPL Final

So out usual BPL correspondent Wetnose was busy on Thursday night and asked me to sit down and write some impressions of the BPL Final. And as usual my hair was on fire for most of Friday and Saturday, and here I am now. Writing match reports is very challenging for me because I live in the moment and hence the memory can be short-lived (either that or alzheimers is setting in). And of course things can be tested by the extensive video that's like to be posted soon to the Dojo blog.

Anyway, enough preamble. First, let me take a lead from another sensible blogger, and say that Stu Austin has once again done a great job in running the Brisbane Premier League (with the support of team Captains Nathan Litzow, Stefan Rappazzo, Mike Neild, Stephen Cameron, Gref, Goranson, Daniel Stelan and of course Liam Gillions). We are extremely lucky to have him and them doing all the work for us. You're the tops Stu! Stu even packed up the portafield after the Final. What a guy!

It was also great to see Trevor and Matt B firing up the BBQ and hovering over an esky of cold ones, as well as a sizable crowd (although perhaps not the size of what is usually pulled when the Buggers make the Final!).

On the field this BPL Final was a match for spectators who like it tight. The disc flew well on a beautiful evening, although there were plenty of turns to keep it interesting. The turns seemed mostly to be the result of poorly directed passes ... although Julz for the Passion and Finn for the Cobras worked hard to get themselves in the right places (Finn's theme song would surely be the Jaws theme).

Mostly the teams were trading and turning with nobody getting more than a couple of points ahead at any one time. Passion took half 8-7.

Things got interesting once the game was tied up at 10-10. Passion scored to make it 11-10 and seems to be feeling pretty good about things. But oh how quickly that can change, with the Cobras scoring twice to lead 12-11 and then LD Stu confirming time cap and game to 14. The snakes got a turn and scored again to make it 13-11 with three chances to win the game and confidence very high.

The end of the game was marked by a lack of controversy. There was potential with an endzone strip and aL was ready with some boos (even though the action was far from the crowd), but agreement on an uncontested score smoothed things out. Passion got to 13-12.

Then rasied fits got to 13-13 and everyone was excited about Universe point. Cobras received the Pull but somehow gave it away half way down the field. Cheese headed for the endzone and someone threw something laughable in his direction ... and he plucked it in to win the game for the Passion.

The post-game presentations were very interesting, with Stu using the wrong pre-prepared speech and congratulating the Cobras on their win. The crowd soon corrected him (probably his only slip up of the season) and Passion picked up the RC Dog Cup, with a bit of gentle waving of the trophy in front of the other teams (well, Dojo, but we'll be kinder here, and Gref has since refound his natural generosity - he was exhausted (not buggered) after all).

Stu also updated us all on this season's Most Valuable Player, and the all important Spirit Champions, as below:

Congratulations also to Adam Beu 'Jangles' who won the season MVP trophy. The MVP all star team was:
1. Adam Beu 'Jangles' - 11pts (Heroes)
2. Mike Neild - 8pts (MBB)
3. Graham 'Special' Prickett - 7pts (MBB)
3. Abra Garfield - 7pts (Cobras)
3. Peter Allen - 7pts (Dojo)
3. Geoff 'Gref' Grundy - 7pts (Passion)
7. Al Don - 6 pts (Lovers)
7. Leon 'Fatty' McIntyre - 6pts (Dojo)

Overall spirit winners were the Heroes. Average spirit scores for the season were:
1. Heroes - 8.67
2. UQ Lovers - 8.63
3. Dojo Mojo - 8.25
4. UQ Pasison - 8.21
5. Moreton Bay Buggers - 8.17
6. Stamtown Flatball Club - 7.29
7. Cobras - 7.00

And that's it. Start pestering Steve C for some video now, or put your own reminicing in the comments.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is Pretty Cool for Those of an International Bent

From President of the World Pottsy:
For the past few years, Hartti Suomela, from Finland, has been putting
together a database of national teams results from Worlds, European
Championships and other relevant events. It is now ready to be released to the

No doubt this has taken a huge amount of effort from Hartti so far, but it
is still incomplete. Many of the events date back to before the internet or
email was widely used, so he has been relying on paper daily newsletters from
those events.

It may also be the case that your national association has archived some of
the event newsletters, or you have recorded the results in your own newsletters
after your teams returned home. If you can scan any such original
information, it would be much appreciated. As it is, it is a fantastic archive
for all countries, but if we can complete the information it will be even

Even for us less than international elite types, Hartti's work is pretty amazing.

Yes, you can even check up on the international career's of some of the folks you rub shoulders against in recent seasons of the BPL, including Buzz Burwell, Sean Flanagan, Mat Ryan (Open Career) and (Masters Career), Jason Ray, Mike Neild (or is that Nield - will have to get that fixed!), Abra Garfield, or Piers Truter. And here's John McNaughton, Myall Hingee, Phil Stocks and Bruce McNaughton.

We should also mention Jenny Beard, Sandra Poon, Gen Healy, Tam Davis, and Notty!

Jeepers, they've even got the lord of the stately mansion in there!?

BPL 2010-1 Grand Final Preview

Well the day of the big game is upon, and tension is in the air here at the BUB Manor. We have heard that the Maroons' captain Darryn Lockyer last night said "While our win in great, we can't wait to see what happens in the BPL final tomorrow night". Also, after winning game 6 of the NBA Finals yesterday, LA Lakers' Kobe Bryant said "While we are excited to send this thing into a decider, we probably will all be too tired from staying up watching the BPL final to play game 7". Some truly great, and undoubtedly truthful, endorsements of this highly anticipated clash.

Moving on though, we feel it is our duty to spread our thoughts to the wider community of how we feel the game will go down. Due to our slightly biased opinion on the match, we have enlisted the help of some "impartial" parties to help with the analysis.

Passion started of the season ridiculously strong, racing out to a perfect 5-0 record. They then lost their next 4 games straight to fall to 5-4, a losing streak that was started by Cobras. Their reliance on their big 3 of Cheese, Julz and Gref has been talked about in some circles, but the Passion roster goes much deeper than that. They also boost former BPL MVP Tom Daley, and Arrlann Christie can't be ignored either, along with his bellow that is belted out before every point. Dan Henbest is a name that wasn't familiar to many players before this season, but they have quickly learnt it as they see him flashing by them to the endzone. However, rumours have been circulating that Dan will be absent for the final. If you don't know who Dan is, his current facial hair makes him look a little bit like typical depictions of this guy.
Passion's obvious strengths lie with the aforementioned Cheese, Julz and Gref, but their style of play and constant movement mean that all players are necessary and all players are used equally. This style of play has meant that all players have to be able to play, and getting into the Grand Final shows that they are solid across the board.

Cobras were many people's pre-season favourites, but have had the opposite season to Passion in terms of results. They didn't start out as strongly as they would have liked, and at one point had a record of 2-1-5 to sit 6th on the table and in danger of missing out on the playoffs altogether. Since that point, they have won 5 games in a row to win their place at the final table. Many people have noted that the Cobras lack major liabilities on the field, and this has been their main strength this season.
Cobras have managed to get to this point with 5 players playing in their first season of BPL, and this may be a weakness for them with these players not having experienced the atmosphere at a BPL Final before with the increased sideline, which is good for support and good for heckling.

Expert Opinions
While calling some of these people "experts" might be a bit of a stretch, we have nevertheless asked them to sum up their thoughts on what they believe might happen in tonight's game.

The Dojo with the Mojo: Pete Allen
Cobras started the season interestingly poorly (incl. loss to heroes), obvious lack of team discipline and understanding probably being the key factors in this. Although half way through the season this changed and they haven't really looked back. Their strengths are speed, age and enthusiasm. The weaknesses are age and lack of discipline and respect. The two main players to keep an eye out for in important points of a game are, Abra for his tactical thinking and handling, and a tie between Wetnose and Finn who can be expected to get the big D when necessary. Keep an eye on lack of respect for the marking rules in the younger players ;)

Passion seem to be the exact opposite of Cobras this season, starting off exceptionally with 5 wins straight or something like that, then a post nationals slump with a heck of a lot of losses in a row. Luckily their early season form got them far enough to make the finals and they won their semi convincingly, which bodes well for the final, where they should IMO get their first major premiership under the belt after multiple attempts (no buggers this time). Team strengths are: experience as a team, some very exciting players, that extra level. Team weaknesses include: don't know how well they'll cope if they go down a few points, possibly some bad options.
Key playmakers apart from JMc, are Gref to make some ridiculous thumber lefty outside-out scoober to win the game, and Jules/Dan who will both make the endzone play fun to watch.

BUB Master Jdr
Much as it pains me, I'm have to tip the Cobras to win this one, purely on form.

I can only go on the scoreboards and blogosphere, but it seems the snakes had a tougher semi-final last week than the students. And in their final round matchup the week before, it was Cobras 13 Passion 10. In fact, I don't think the Cobras have had a loss since back in April. At this point, I am contractually obliged to mention Reece, Wetnose, Finn and Mike Nolan who occasionally read this blog.

Meanwhile, while Passion were "smashion" all before them earlier in the year, their only really notable win of the last two months was in their Semi against the Bugs, although I suspect that game was tighter than the scoreboard suggests. There are some who would argue that the Passion have a bit of softness inside, but John McNaughton is pretty good though, assuming he can get all his pulls to land in.

All that said, the BPL Final crowd could be a significant factor. Most games it is just yourselves and your opponents and maybe a couple of gimps and friends watching. The BPL Final sees at least one sideline filled, and usually brings out some of the city's noisiest (and occasionally funnier) hecklers. The extra eyes increase the pressure to both play hard and with the best spirit.

Can I add that I am saddened that neither Jon Good nor Rob Lowe will be available to one-handedly (no spillage please) manage the far-side scoreboard. This will be the first BPL Final in several years not to feature their entertainments. I hope Fluxie will step up.

Graham "Special G" Prickett
Cobras to win by 3,
Have too many good players across the park to shut down and their gritty will to win is just right to take out a final.
Key players
- Cheese for Passion - If he gets going he will devour the opposition like a rampaging mongoose
- Abra for Cobras - His popping tears apart zone defence like a fat kid opening Christmas presents

BPL LD Stuart Austin
Tomorrow nights final should be a good game with some quite different playing styles from each team; Cobras playing the big squad, aggressive, loud defence. While Passion calmly work things around and see what happens. The big match-ups to watch will be Abra v's Cheeseburger and Dan v's Jules. This will leave Gref with more responsibility down field and I'm not sure who on Cobra's will try and take him out of the game, Finn maybe? Cobras have a much deeper squad than Passion which they have recently being making advantage of in the last few games of the regular season.

I think Cobras will get off to an early start just by playing pressure D on some of the weaker Passion players, passion will keep it reasonably close and possibly rally back, depending on whether Cheese' can hold it together and not start throwing wild bombs!! With Passion's lack of legs and rumours of Dan Henbest being away, I'm predicting Cobra's will edge it out further and win the game 15-11.

Registered Sideline Heckler Al Don
Tightest season in BPL history as I recall.. Obvious contenders for the title going through midseason form slumps. Teams coming from nowhere to string games together at the right times.. Dojo choking one game earlier than in many previous seasons all adds up to a pretty good looking final.

Cobra's recent form has been hot and are athletic right the way down. Look out for big games from Abra, Reece and the big ginger Dan Young. A major negative for the cobra's will be the absence of the big flick from Trachter. I think the combination of well known passion stars JMac, Gref and Jules, the new boy on the block DanH being well supported by another solid line of athletes are going to be too much for the cobra's to knock over on thurs.

Passion to get over in a tight one..

Thank you very much to our esteemed colleagues for their opinions. We hope to see you all down at AJSC tonight for a good game, and stay tuned for our wrap up over the next few days.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BPL 2010-1 MVP Odds

In our lead up to the grand final this week, there is also discussion surrounding the most prestigious individual sporting award in the country, the MVP of the league. With such an open and long season, there has been many chances for players to have great games, shocking games, and in between games. This has left the MVP race very open.
We here at the BUB Manor would like to invite you, our faithful readers, to speculate (as is the want of many Ultimate players) as to who you think the MVP for the season would be. We have provided some odds that we consider relevant, but you are more than welcome to post your thoughts and own odds on other players or challenge our opinions.

Jangles 5-1
Pete Allen 8-1
Leon 8-1
aL 9-1
Stef 10-1
Julz 10-1
Jmac 10-1
Silent George 10-1
Dan Young 12-1
Jdr 250-1
Jack 1000-1
Arrlann's pre-point bellow 100000000-1

Tuesday Mixed Pickup - Toowong

Mixed pickup starts tomorrow (Tuesday night) at Oakman Park, Toowong.

Cost: $5 for lights
Bring: Black and white shirt, water bottle.
Where: Oakman Park, Cnr Moggill Rd and Union St, Toowong

This initially is a four week trial before WUFL returns again later in the year.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cone Heads

Wandering around the local Bunnings the other day, we noticed in their safety-gear section they had marking cones (the type we commonly use for Ultimate) going at 8 for $8. This is a good price.

Surely a must have addition for the Ulti-bag of any regular player!? Or an end of season "Thanks" gift for your Captain? (Good plan - make them carry them around for you!

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Big Round Number

Can you believe that this is the one thousandth post on the Brisbane Ultimate Blog?

I (slipping out of the proprietal "we" for this post) can barely believe it either, but there it is. One … thousand … posts.

One, followed by three zeroes.




There were thoughts about doing something really big to celebrate this big round number. But things remain busy here at the stately mansion. So we'll do something quick.

I have to put out three big acknowledgements.

Most importantly to the multi-talented and always-smartly-dressed Wetnose, who came aboard to do the heavy lifting of the twice (or more) weekly Brisbane Premier League posts plus tracking the tipping comp. Nearly two years later (!) and he's still labouring down in the sweatshopsaltmines over the numbers and the little team icons and stuff, and, as on the field, dropping in the occasional moment of brilliance and of course, managing to find the time to manage and play lots of Ultimate and of course get married. THANKS LIAM YOU'RE GREAT! Now get back to work.

Almost as important is of course the original originator of this thingee, the outrageously useful and charming-with-the-ladies Rubes, who created this blog back in January 2006 and eventually gave us his baby to a crazed blogging madman, yours truly, on or around May 2007 and at the height of the loldisc internet meme (make sure you continue through all 33) which we keep meaning to get back into but just don't seem to have the time for.

Finally, we have to thank you, the readers, especially those who leave us comments or email us ideas. The last three months have actually been a bit of a Renaissance for the Brisbane Ultimate Blog, as the stats show us consistently taking over 100 hits a day through March, April and May 2010, up from around 60-70 or so through most of last year.

My goal over the past three years or so has been to see if we can post something interesting most days, and provide a Brisbane Ultimate vibe. There's still heaps to do ... but it's back to work for now.

Why not take some time and dig through the archives? There's a thousand posts of joy, right there! And don't forget to tell us what you'd like more of over the next thousand.

BPL 2010-1 Semi Final Results

[NB: Post amended to be more accurate and less offensive.]

Thursday, June 10, 2010

See, Dojo Have This Whole Ninja Thing Going On ...

Once again, the Dojo go into a finals series having had a very good season, no major injuries, and a week off. Looking good? Best of luck to them, and everyone else tonight.

Note that aL and Buzz will be Bowls Clubbing before the games. Remember to sign in with your AFDA number.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Open Draft Hat Winter Thing - Thursday Nights in the BPL Off-Season

So with BPL moving into its two week final series, and the next season not due to begin until 29 July, some folks were wondering what to do with their spare Thursday nights (five empty ones, if you're playing in the BPL Final).

Dapper aL Don has come to the rescue, with his proposal for a four week draft hat thing. Rego at: http://www.afda.com/rego/showcompetition.php?competitionid=837 aL is hoping to recruit enough people to fill out four teams.

Players do not need to be regular BPL players - perhaps this is a chance to give Open Ultimate a try?

Dates: 1st, 8th 15th, 22nd July
Price: To be confirmed and based on rego numbers, but basically for field hire

Friday, June 04, 2010

Brisbane Ultimate Strategic Plan (BUSP) - Brisbane on the National Stage

So as discussed in previous weeks, discussion continues on the Brisbane Ultimate Strategic Plan (BUSP) 2011-2013.

Part of the focus so far has been on League play, and equally some boundaries about gray areas between Brisbane Ultimate and state-wide/Queensland Ultimate have been discussed. For example, for 2011-2013 at least, the BUSP won't be talking about schools Ultimate or fostering tournaments. These are jobs for QUDA as they are relevant statewide.

But one gray area that's still being considered is whether and how League play has a role in supporting Brisbane on the national stage?

At the moment is is a policy void for QUDA as well as BUDA. It's also pretty challenging as most key Ultimate volunteers are passionate about this area.

At the moment, this sort of thing is left to these grouping of players themselves. Players come together, organise their clubs, training, shirts, etc - all separately from the other things that are going on in Brisbane Ultimate.

I would love to see some strategic plan by the governing bodies about this (even if the strategic plan could well be "we'll leave this to clubs themselves to sort").

But I think that many folks see the logic in strengthening the links between League play and Brisbane on the national scene.

Does this include the BUSP supporting development camps, training, coaching etc? Do we make money in Leagues and put it into supporting our representative times (like practically every other sport in the country)? Does the BUSP commit us as a group to aiming to have one Brisbane representative club in each national division with the very best players campaigning together? Or should we try to have lots of clubs each developing themselves through Leagues all the way through to pushing onto the national stage if they can?

A theme or thread for the BUSP could well be something like "build a base that supports Brisbane teams being competitive on the national and international scene" or "make Brisbane a city that great players want to move to."

I'll put one big reminder or caveat on any of this discussion. The BUSP aims to run 2011 to 2013. Decisions about things like the above may not necessarily "come in to force" on 1 Jan 2011. Some folks are already thinking about their national and international campaigns for next year. But maybe we can work out where we want to be by 2013 or later, and work backwards and forwards to that.

BPL 2010-1 Round 14 Results

That was the final game of the regular season and means a bit of a longer break for Lovers, Slamtown and Heroes.
Next week sees the semi finals with Dojo v Cobras and Bugs v Passion for the spot in the decider.

That's The Way I Like It Baby I Don't Want to Live Forever

So the last round of BPL Season 1 2010 went off with some battlin' last night. Our BPL correspondent Super-Wettie will no doubt get the scores up and line up the Finals info once Super-LD Stu gets in to the bunker.

While there's still two weeks of Finals to go, some folks are thinking about next season - specifically, who they might play for. We here in the stately Brisbane Ultimate blog mansion are predicting a bit more of a shakeup than usual (the usualy being almost no shakeup). The signs are all there.

The UQ HQ announced last night that Lovers and Passion would be merging to form one team next season (Plovers? Lashion?) and this may lead a few players to look elsewhere (didn't the two teams form in the first place because half the gang couldn't stand playing with Gref any longer (just kidding Gref)? Nah, it seems the real trigger was the impending departure of the Master Natman overseas, and, after four seasons with the Lovers, Buzz Burwell's confirmed of a lucrative transfer deal back to the Buggers (but who's leaving to make space for him?)

Elsewhere, the Heroes managed an uplifting performance to come within a whisker of rolling the Buggers in their final game for the season. This can't hurt the lads in green's recruiting efforts at all - there'll be a few folks wondering if they shouldn't break out of their present rut and get a run with the Incredible Huckmen. Faith an' beggorah! Sadly, it looks like George, Myall and Paul are looking elsewhere ... but where?

Perhaps aL's proposed four week Open drafted hat (BPH or Brisbane Premier Hat?) will also shake people up further. I imagine cult leader Steve "The Leader" Cameron will be discouraging any of the Dojo from playing as he'll be wary of anyone breaking their programming.

More to come.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I Remember It As If It Were a Meal Ago

Well done to Brisbane lad John McNaughton, who's team Hammertime recently came 3rd in Forcesideline's recent fantasy Ultimate tournament. Perhaps the squad needed more baggy pants?

The Final meanwhile includes no Brisbane-based players at all (I guess we're used to that). We here at the stately mansion do however have a soft spot for Chumpcott (he's covered in soft spots, after all), so encourage you to all go and tip Shebang a Bang.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Is the MCG Big Enough for Ultimate Frisbee?

Provocative, exciting, intriguing titles are the meat and potatoes of sub-editors around the world, and never more so than on the World Wide Web.

Check out this little article, spotted by BUB cub-reporter Julz.

MCG Needs Frisbees if it Wants to be Big

Don't forget to show Ultimate's capacity for love by commenting on the article, or emailing the author via mhawthorne at theage.com.au

And for the sake of some local comment, can anyone tell us the last time a game of Ultimate was played at the 'Gabba?

Halibut and Slamtown Throwdown Dates/Venues Announced

Mark your calendars for two of South East Queensland's best tournaments:

Halibut the 14th is on 31 July - 1 August, at the Queensland State Hockey Centre (venue for the BCI back in February). Registration.

Traditional Halibuters Townsville (the Towns Villians), Gold Coast (Slamtown Flatball Club) and North West Brisbane (Mind the Gap) have already registered, as has new team Team Canada.

To warm yourself up for Halibut, get your white shoes on and get down or up to the beautiful Gold Coast on 26-27 June for the Slamtown Throwdown, to be held at Pizzey Park, Miami. Registration. Remember, maximum roster of 12 players!